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Our Autonomous Marketing Platform is a full featured automation platform that enables you to automatically communicate with customers, track interactions, understand behaviour and personalise messages to optimise your marketing.

Attract Attract and nurture your audience
Attract and nurture your audience
  • Landing pages - create as many landing pages as you like. Better still, simply clone one of the 12 pre-built pages from the Presets to zoom ahead!
  • Forms - build detailed forms with a comprehensive built-in form builder. Or just re-use one of 16 pre-built forms from the Presets.
  • Ad interactions - track 'end-point interactions' with ease. Your digital ads need a destination. Now you have one!
  • Newsletters - newsletters that track interests, not just open rates. People read what interests them. Write based on this and watch your engagement soar!
Manage Manage your lists brilliantly
Manage your lists brilliantly
  • Marketing CRM - a full featured Marketing CRM, baked right into the platform. Use another CRM? No issues. We integrate for you!
  • Smart segments (lists) - fixed and dynamic lists. Want a list with everyone that clicked on your profile link and website but not on your special offer? Done!
  • Custom fields (properties) - your sales team wants to record your prospect's Sushi preference and send them a food voucher? Now you can.
  • Segment filters (attributes) - add, subtract, combine list members based on multiple attributes, including that Sushi preference!
Engage Build deep engagement
Build deep engagement
  • Email marketing - uniquely track and measure every link interaction in your emails and send follow up communication based on any or all of these. It's magic!
  • Form follow up emails - a form submission is the first step in measuring engagement. What happens after is critical. Build follow up emails with ease from the presets.
  • Event based segments (lists) - a list is merely a starting point with Engag3d. See your lists dynamically evolve as your prospects and customers interact with your content.
  • Mobile optimisation - we live in a Mobile first world. Naturally, everything mobile optimised from the get go. Lean on the presets to build mobile ready everything!
Personalise Create personal connections with prospects and customers
Create personal connections with prospects and customers
  • Decision based campaigns (workflows) - if Sarah likes cake, then send Paul a timely cake recipe so he can bake her a New Year's cake. Yes, you can communicate like this now!
  • Content strategy - your presets really are your combined content and communication strategy, masquerading as pages, forms and emails. It's all here.
  • Lead scoring - what's an interaction worth? Score form submits differently to link clicks and web visits. Learn from your presets and repeat. Simple.
  • Dynamic content - communicate different things to prospects based on unique characteristics. No more Winter greetings to Aussies in December, ever!
Convert Track and convert prospects to customers
Track and convert prospects to customers
  • A/B testing - test different versions of your landing pages, newsletters and emails to optimise for success. Just remember to change one item at a time!
  • Revenue Attribution - ascribe monetary value to relevant actions to quantify success. Especially useful if you're measuring Ad effectiveness. Form submits = $$!
  • Behavioural tracking - group similar interactions to track across behaviours and take action accordingly. Clicking on a Phone number is not the same as a page visit!
  • Asset hosting and management - all your PDFs, White Papers and links to Video content in one place. Just link to whichever Lead Magnet you need, to convert better!
Report Your data tells its own story
Your data tells its own story
  • Reporting dashboards - build a custom dashboard to get a clear view of your data. More than 40 widgets available. Customise!
  • Marketing analytics - take a deeper look at interaction data with graphs and insights on a per email, landing page or contact basis. Contacts cards are plain incredible!
  • Custom reports - for the more report hungry, use the powerful Report Builder to slice and dice your data even more. Six pre-built reports to get you going.
  • Website traffic analytics - host your website in Engag3d to gain actionable insights from your web analytics. Trigger emails simply based on customer interactions!
Advanced Here be dragons!
Here be dragons!
  • User roles - define fine-grained user access across nearly 200 levels of controls over more than a dozen categories. 3 user roles pre-created for you.
  • Third party integrations - 40+ native integrations. Premium integrations through Zapier as well. Plus custom plugins if needed. You name it, we have it.
  • Subdomain availability - available to all accounts. A sub-domain for your marketing campaigns? Done.
  • Standard SSL certificate - SSL comes standard with all web hosting. Safe as houses!
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Engag3d is developing the world's first Autonomous Marketing Platform to make Enterprise-class marketing automation accessible and affordable for small businesses worldwide.

We are rewriting the way marketing is done using powerful Presets to automate critical marketing activities. With Engag3d, you get Presets already set up to use, or custom Presets that we manage for you. Welcome to the future of marketing!
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