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Marketing is hard. Improving your marketing is harder still.
Welcome to Automated Marketing by Engag3d, the world's first, self configuring marketing platform.
Whether you're a small or a large firm, navigating all of the different tools and technologies to manage communication is a nightmare. Add in the need to drive increasing efficiency at a progressively lower cost, and suddenly, organisations and people find it challenging to keep up.

At Engag3d, we're rewriting the way marketing is handled in a digital first world. We use smart automation and smart content using cutting edge AI frameworks and just plain old good software design, to help customers better understand their market and customers.

Engag3d helps businesses drive their marketing across creative and technology. We do this by offering a 'done for you' platform and service that effectively automates basic marketing and communication functions for an organisation.
The key difference between marketing automation software and Engag3d is that this platform is focussed on 'actually doing your marketing for you, including creative input'. Engag3d is built on the same vision, one where the technology works in the background to enable a large part of a business' marketing, including creative elements.

Give us a go, strap in and experience the future of marketing technology.
How it works
On-boarding & Setup
In a fast-paced world, you need to constantly identify and evaluate strategic opportunities. Through a detailed 4-12 week initial strategy process, we build a tailored set of content along with email and landing page templates that you can use immediately. We also show you how to use the platform and if you wish, do it all for you (for an additional fee).
Message creation
We use a mix of copywriting input and machine based creation to come up with an ongoing, updated set of messages that you can use in social media, social ads, digital ads as well as general content. We make all necessary updates, based on performance, on an ongoing basis, making the messaging sharper and more effective over time.
Data analytics is the door to true customer insight. We understand that numbers do not tell the right story unless you know where and how to look. We drive ongoing statistical analysis and offer the insights relevant to you with clear recommendations on next steps. The focus here is on offering a level of interpretation that is actionable, rather than yet another graph representing raw data.
Social media scheduling
Driving consumer engagement through brand interaction and superior customer experiences is key to staying ahead of the competition. While marketing tools shouldn't just be about content delivery, you do need to schedule and deliver the material generated. We provide access to best in class tools to help with this.
Marketing automation
Efficiently engage customers with less manual effort by automating processes at scale across all your campaigns and channels. We provide a robust platform to manage contacts and build and deliver emails, landing pages and dynamic content so you can build a comprehensive view of your market and customers.
Online advertising
The content generated by the platform can be used to inform content for social media ads as well as Google Adwords. We will even tag messages ideal for such ads, so you can make an informed decision.
Let's make a story together
Join us as we script the future of marketing software.